{DIY} – Effective hair mask to deal with dandruff

By Unnati Gupta

Dandruff is a common problem and I believe we all have suffered from it at some point of  time. Dandruff is not a very big problem but can cause hair fall, itching etc. Today I am going to share with you a hair mask which is very effective. This mask really cured my dandruff which occurred sometime back due to winter season.


Curd-1 Bowl

Aloe Vera Gel- 4 tsp




Take One bowl of curd and four teaspoon of aloe vera gel. You may adjust the quantity according to your hair length. The given quantity is sufficient for shoulder length hair. Here I have used Pantanjali’s Aloe Vera gel as the fresh one was not available with me. Its  better to use the fresh gel.  Mix them thoroughly.



Apply this mixture on the scalp and hair for one hour and then shampoo your hair.

Benefit of curd– It moisturizes the dry scalp occurred during winter season.

Benefit of Aloe Vera gel– It removes all the impurities of the scalp and clean the roots. So by this you get rid of all the problems of your hair.

This is a very effective mask and you can see remarkably difference from the very first use.


P.S: This mask gives you a slightly cooling sensation as both the ingredients are of cooling nature. So use it during sunny afternoons only.


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