{DIY} – Home-made BB Cream



BB cream also known as blemish balm, blemish base or beauty balm is all-in-one facial cosmetic product. If you want mild coverage its best to use instead of foundation on daily basis. There are wide varieties of manufactures making BB cream. But it can be very easily made at home and the best part is you can customize it according to your needs and your complexion.

So lets see how to make it…

First and foremost, the quantities I am mentioning below is per my needs and my skin complexion, please try mixing ingredients in different proportions to come up with the one suiting your skin. So lets move on to the ingredients..



Face Cream – 2 tsp

Foundation – 1 tsp

Sunscreen/sunblock Cream – 1 tsp

Container – 1 (clean and dry).


If you want, you can also add serum and primer. I like applying it separately.



Take cream in that clean and dry container. Now add foundation and sunscreen cream.


Mix well and close the lid of the container.


Your BB cream is ready in no time  🙂



Apply it at least 15-minutes before heading out. Can re-apply if having a long day!

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