Face brightening mask

If your are finding your face dull, you can try this face mask. You can see instant results. Initially, you can use this mask thrice a week gradually shifting to using twice and then once a week.

Lets see the ingredients and their beauty benefits.



(I tried so many times but don’t know why the image is rotating on its own 😡 )

* Rice flour – 1/2-1 tbsp

* Rose petal powder – 1/2-1 tbsp

* Potato juice – 1 tbsp

* Tomato juice – 1 tbsp

* Honey –  1/2- 1 tbsp

* Turmeric – optional


Adjust the quantity of juices and honey to make a smooth paste.


Rice flour – It is said to be the secret of Asian beauty. It helps to exfoliate dead skin cells thus smoothening your skin. It also helps in wrinkle, acne and whitening your skin.

Rose petal powder – It gives brightness and glow to the skin along with whitening effect.

Potato juice – As we all know it acts as a natural bleach. It helps to deal with hyper-pigmentation and also helps in lightening your skin tone.

Tomato juice – Helps in curing acne and open pores. Gives uniform skin tone.

Honey – It moisturizes the skin the way nothing else can. I simply love it 😉


* So now  you have to mix all the ingredients well and apply it over freshly washed skin.




* Keep it on for 15-20 minutes.  Now damp the mask a bit with water and take it out gently in circular motion. Rinse with water.

* Now apply the toner of your choice. I use either rose water or apple cider vinegar+water.

* Moisturize.


Hello!  happy skin 🙂


P.S: Some skins – including mine – become sensitive to sun after using turmeric and tomato. So I STRONGLY recommend you to use this pack after sunset.

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