Quick tips on how to make lip scrub at home and use it!

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Who doesn’t want baby like lips – soft, pink, smooth? But you can’t get anything without putting in the effort. Do you scrub your lips? No? Then get started. Use the lips scrub to get the lips you always wanted. Follow this quick and simple method:

* Take sugar (preferably brown sugar), honey and petroleum jelly/castor oil/almond oil/olive oil in equal quantity. I prefer petroleum jelly. Take few drops of lemon juice.
* Mix them well.
* Now take that mixture on a soft toothbrush, you can keep a brush exclusively for scrubbing your lips. You can even use baby toothbrush or your finger.
* Now brush it over you lips for approx. 2 minutes. Don’t be too harsh, be gentle.
* Rinse it off.
* Apply lip balm.

Voila! You can find instant difference in the appearnace and the feel of your lips. 🙂 Do it twice a week. Also read: Quick tips for smooth & rosy lips

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