Henna-amla hair mask for grey hair!

Blame it on stress or whatever more people are getting premature grey hair these days. There are various other reasons too. Deficiency of vitamins, thyroid disorder, hereditary etc can also lead to premature greying of hair. There are lots of over-the-counter products available for treating grey hair but they have severe side effects on hair. Even those brands that claim to be ammonia-free do contain a bit of it.

I got my first grey hair during my college days only (thyroid disorder 🙁 ) and used henna. Not only it helped me in treating grey hair, but also gave volume to the hair. After delivery of my son, I had my hair rebounded. The parlour lady asked me not to use henna as it can dry down my hair. So I started using L’Oreal casting hair dye and after that I noticed that my grey hair has started multiplying. There were just 1-2 grey hair initially which multiplied at such a fast pace that I had to colour them every week! Yes EVERY WEEK!! Not to mention, I was so much annoyed. Then I thought of going back to henna, my old savior, and it worked 🙂 In the first few weeks, I was required to colour them frequently as I got lots of grey hair but now everything is back to normal and just applying henna once a month do the trick. I also add few other nourishing ingredients so that it also nourishes the hair along with colouring it. So now lets get down to the mask recipe and method.


* Henna powder – 2 cups
* Amla powder – 1/2 cup
* Tea decoction (strong) – to make a thick paste
* Coffee powder – 1 tbsp.
* Methi (fenugreek) powder – 1 tbsp.
* Egg – 1
* Mustard oil – 1 tbsp.
* Lemon juice – of 1 lemon
* Iron bowl, gloves and hair brush


* Make a strong tea decoction.
* In the iron bowl take henna powder, amla powder, tea decoction, coffee powder and methi powder. Mix them well to make a thick paste.
* Keep it overnight.
* Next morning, add egg, mustard oil and lemon juice. Mix them well.


* Apply it on your hair and keep it for minimum of 3 hours.
* Wash your hair with water (no shampoo).
* Next day shampoo your hair. You can also oil your hair for a night and next day shampoo your hair.

Do it once a month or as required.

P.S: You can also consume one amla or the juice of one amla daily to prevent greying of hair.

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