Home-made oil to control hair fall!

Hair fall is a common problem these days and I am also one of its victims. Recently, when I visited India, my sis-in-law shared with me the recipe of a home-made oil that has helped her a lot. By the way, she had thick hair but was noticing hair loss lately. She could see improvement within a week of its use. And then she made a bottle of that oil for me too 😀

So, here goes the method and ingredients to make it.

1) Coconut Oil (500 ml):

Coconut oil is very good for hair and it has been proved time and again. It has a unique property of penetrating through all the layers of hair.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil

2) Hibiscus(a handful):

Hibiscus has a significant place in ayurveda. It helps in conditioning and moisturizing of hair.



3) Curry leaves(a handful):

Like hibiscus, curry leaves too have a considerable position in ayurveda. They are believed to help in controlling hair fall and preventing premature greying. Eating curry leaves helps too. Try including this superb leaf in your food preparations.

Curry leaves

Curry leaves

Take all the ingredients in a pan and let it boil once. Then switch off the stove and let it cool down. Now strain it. It is ready to be used.


IMPORTANT: If your sole motive is to control hair fall (and your hair is in proper condition), you can skip hibiscusand can use only curry leaves. Just take 2 tbsp of curry leaves paste with a cup of coconut oil and 2 tbsp of castor oil and boil it. When it cools down a little, apply it on your scalp and hair. Take hot towel 2-3 times. Keep it for about 2-3 hours or overnight and then wash (shampoo) it off. Do it twice a week.


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