Homemade cleanser to get uniform skin tone!

Who doesn’t want a flawless skin? No matter how much clear your skin be, but it doesn’t look flawless until the skin tone is uniform. This cleanser will make your skin tone uniform over time. If you clean your skin twice a day (morning and night), you can use it at night!

The ingredients in the cleanser are:


Oatmeal – It helps in removing dead cells and clearing the pores. It also helps fight acne and moisturizes your skin.

Gramflour – It helps in deep cleansing and exfoliation.

Milk Powder – It helps in giving glow to the skin which leads to clearer face and also deals with hyper-pigmentation.

Lets see how to make and use this cleanser.

Make a rough powder of oatmeal. Now take equal quantity of oatmeal powder, gramflour and milk powder in a bowl. Mix them well and then transfer it in an air tight container.


You can keep the container in the bathroom. In the night before applying night cream and all, use this cleanser to clean your face. Take 1 tbps of the cleanser on your palm and then add little water to make a paste. Clean your face with it for atleast 1-2 minute(s) and then rinse off with water and pat dry. Apply moisturizer followed by a good night cream.

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