Rejuvenating face mask for instant face lift!

My in-laws have come to visit us and I have been super busy these days. Today I got some time to breathe and I thought even my skin needs to breathe as it has been neglected since few days. I made a rejuvenating face mask and now I am feeling great 🙂

Here goes the method:

1) Clean your skin with a face wash first.
2) Now massage with a face scrub for 1-2 minute(s).
3) Wash your face.
4) Make the pack:


-> Egg White of one egg (it is suitable for two people but since I was alone, had to throw ½ of it)
-> Oat-1 tbsp (I used crushed quaker oat)
-> Mix them well.
-> Apply it generously all over your face.
5) Keep it for about 15 minutes.
6) Wash your face with lukewarm water.
7) Now splash a glass of chilled water on your face.
8) Dry it with towel.
9) Apply moisturizer.

“Thank You”, is what your skin will say 😉

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