15-day challenge to get lighter underarms!


I am extremely sorry for not posting so often these days. All thanks to my ill health, weakness, fatigue and lethargy. But I thought, I should atleast do a quick, short post before I leave for my holiday.

Ok. So here it goes:-

As the topic suggests, it is about underarms lightening. If you’d follow the tips for 15 days in a row “honestly”..no cheating, haan 😛 then you’ll get lighter underarms for sure (you can also take before and after pic or can ask your bf, hubby, mom, sister, friend, roomies etc to tell you if they find any difference after 15 days). So let’s move directly to “how”.

Just follow these 5 points:-

a) No deodorant, deo spray or roll on deo for 15 days!
b) No shaving. Just do waxing or use tweezers or both.
c) Scrub your underarms daily with mild scrub. You can do it when you take shower.
d) Apply a mixture of lemon juice and potato juice over the underarms 15 minutes before shower (Yes, 15 is my fav. number today 😛 )
d) After taking shower, apply body lotion all over the underarms.
e) And before going to the bed, apply lemon juice on the underarms daily.

And after 15 days, enjoy your lighter underarms and go sleeveless with double confidence 😉

Take Care. Love, Shivani

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