3 home remedies to treat dandruff


Imagine those white flakes falling on your black dress ruining your whole look…eww..yeah, those dandruff..shown in the shampoo ads 😉 But seriously, dandruff do spoil your whole look and it also leads to hair fall. There are loads of products available in the market to treat them but why not try an effective and cheap home remedies? My sis used to get lots of dandruff during her childhood days and mom used to cure them using home remedies only. Depending on the amount of dandruff you have, you can use it twice or thrice a week. Here are the three effective remedies:

1) Fenugreek seed paste:


Fenugreek is very effective in curing dandruff. You just need to soak a handful of fenugreek in water for overnight. Next day make its paste; apply it properly on the scalp and shampoo after 1 hour. Taking them out can be a task if you have not made a fine task, so make sure to make a fine paste.

2) Coconut oil and camphor:


This method is also very effective. For this you need to make a fine powder of camphor. In microwave safe bowl take about 3 tbsp. coconut oil and heat it for 20-30 seconds (till little warm). Now add the camphor powder (about 1 tbsp). Mix them well and apply on the scalp and leave it for around 1 hour and then shampoo your hair.

3) Coconut oil and lemon juice:


My mom used to try this method very often on my sis and I have personally seen it working great. For this you need warm coconut oil (about 2 tbsp.) and then add 2 tbps of lemon juice to it. Apply on the scalp and leave for around 1-1.5 hour(s) and then shampoo.

Other precautions to take to avoid dandruff:

a) Do not heat-treat your hair much and very frequently.
b) Never use hot water for washing your hair.
c) Try to apply hot oil atleast once a week.
d) Try to keep your scalp clean by shampooing every 2 days if your hair is oily and you are into polluted environment. For dry hair, you can wash it twice a week.

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