5 makeup mistakes!

A perfect makeup enhances your look while a bad makeup can make you look horrible. Here are 5 makeup mistakes one should try to avoid.

1) Painting on a imperfect canvas.

Can you expect a painting to come out beautifully if the canvas is not perfect? Ofcourse not! Similarly a makeup can’t come out perfectly if the face has not been prepared before the makeup. Apply foundation and concealer or if you have less blemishes, go with a good BB cream.

2) Wrong foundation shade.

The purpose of a foundation and a concealer is to make you face skin tone look uniform and to hide blemishes, not to make you look a shade lighter. So never tempt to buy a shade lighter foundation. But how to choose the correct shade while buying a foundation? ALWAYS buy a foundation by try applying it on your neck, it should match with your neck skin tone. But don’t use it on your neck, your neck doesn’t need a foundation. In the pic, you can see how Rani Mukherjee has applied a wrong foundation shade and how it washes away all the rest makeup efforts.

rani mukherjee

3) Darker lip liner than lipstick.

One of the friends of my roommate used to go to office applying a dark lipstick but when she used to get back from work, I could see just her lip liner and no lipstick 😛
This is because the lipstick used to get washed away by eating, drinking, licking etc till the end of the day but lipliner was at its place. In the pic, you can even find Kareena in the same way.


So how to avoid it? Very simple! When you apply lip liner make it a point to fill up your lips with the liner too so that there won’t be a distinguished line around the lips.

4) Neglecting the eyebrows.

Whether you are doing eye makeup or not, you can’t afford to neglect the eyebrows even if you are applying just the kajal. Why? Just take a look at the pic.


So never neglect the most neglected makeup part –  the eyebrows! Just preparing them can give an altogether different and beautiful look.

5) Heavy lips with heavy eyes.

You must have got hint from the title itself. You just don’t want to be super heavy with both the eyes and the lips. Accentuate one feature, either the lips or the eyes. Heavy lips with heavy eyes looks good in magazines only not in real life.

heavy makeup

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