7 habits bad for your skin!


There are some habits of ours that are not good for our skin but we unknowingly do it almost everyday. Yes, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! Read on to check if you are not doing these mistakes…

1) Touching face every now and then:

Yes, many people have the habit of touching their faces every now and then, or taking the support of their palms for their face while sitting. This is not a good habit for your skin because it leads to transfer of germs from your hand to the skin or activation of oil glands of the face which can leads to breakouts!

2) Mobile pressing against the cheek:

When we talk over the phone, we tend to press it against our face which is not good for the face as it transfers germs from the surface of our mobiles to our faces. Try not to touch your cheeks with the mobile or if talking for a long time, use an earphone.

3) Sleeping with makeup on:

However minimal makeup you’re wearing, do not EVER go to the bed like that. Remove every bit of it, else, it is sure shot formula for getting breakouts. I know when we are damn tired after a hectic day or a hard party, we just want to hit the bed once we reach our homes. But no matter how lazy you are feeling and how much tired you are, ALWAYS remove your makeup before hitting the bed.

4) Go easy:

I am sure, you must have come across such people who rub their skin (instead of wiping) with towel after cleaning their faces. This is really a blunder. Skin needs to be handled gently; we are not washing a dirty cloth, are we? Always clean and wipe your face as gently as you can.

5) Sleeping on dirty pillow cover/ using dirty towels:

Do I need to elaborate on it? I guess, no! If possible, try to change your pillow cover and face towel every two days or at max three days. If you can do it everyday, it would be great.

6) Sleeping on your face:

Smashing your face over the pillow…wow I so love this bad habit 😛 Though I try to avoid it, but somehow I find it so comfortable that I can’t avoid it however hard I try. It is really bad bad bad for the skin. Because it can also leads to wrinkles 🙁 Mummy…save my face! 😐 😛

7) No way without sunscreen:

Never ever skip your sunscreen. Apply it atleast 15-20 minutes before heading out of the house. And try to re-apply it after couple of hours. I personally feel that sunscreen can be harsh on your skin, so I do prefer applying a gentle moisturizer beneath it.

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