Diwali Decoration Ideas!!


Diwali is one of the main festivals of India. I really like its warmth, lights and colours . I still remember how when we were kids used to start its preparations much earlier before Diwali. Now due to busy life and time constrains, it has become an affair of 2-3 days only. But still to cheer us up and celebrate Diwali we do so much things, including preparing and decorating our homes. So here are some simple decor ideas to make your home ready for Diwali.

1. Clean Your Home – Remember those childhood days when everyone in the house used to clean house thoroughly? It was fun at that time and everyone was involved in the house cleaning process. That still is our priority when it comes to Diwali preparation. Ma Laxmi is a cleanliness freak after all 😉

2. A Little Change – One little change in your home decor can make a huge difference. Change your cushions and bedspreads to bright colours and see the difference.



You can also use a bright table runner and can put some tea light candles on that like the pic below-


3. Flower Decoration – Use whatever flowers you like to decorate your house. You can use them with candles, diyas or can even make rangoli with it. You can also take marigold garland and put that on the entrance or with the curtains.



You can also decorate flowers with floating candles.


4. Making Rangoli – Making rangoli on the entrance is a very common home décor process . But if you don’t have much time, then you can make rangoli from flowers or just use readymade rangoli available in the market like this-


5.Paint Diyas – Paint the diyas in various colours and designs and make your own customized diyas. If you want, you can also gift these diyas to friends and family along with sweets.


6. Emphasize a Specific Corner – If you have small kids at home and can’t put diyas and candles everywhere, then just focus on one corner of the room alone and make that the attraction point. You can take idea from this one-


So incorporate these ideas in your home and give it a festive look. Wishing you a Happy and Safe Diwali! 🙂

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