Dress according to your body type!

Dress according to your body type

Dress according to your body type

“One size doesn’t fit all”, this goes so true with the dresses we wear. The same dress looks different on different person. We should always wear according to our body structure instead of blindly copying someone. Find below some important tips on dressing.


Small height:

1) Don’t wear dresses with horizontal strips as it will make you look even shorter. If you want to wear strip do wear vertical ones.
2) Avoid capris as it cuts your leg length and make you look shorter. If you are really a big fan of it do wear tight ones that too of the colour of your legs.
3) Wear monochromatic dresses, means dresses of single colour. If you can’t wear it all the times wear the lower and the footwear of the same colour.
4) Don’t carry a big handbag.
5) Don’t wear shoes with ankle straps it will make you look shorter, if you really can’t wear heels without straps be sure the footwear is of nude colour and with thin straps.
6) Don’t wear baggy, loose-fitted dresses.
7) Wear high-waisted bottom or a thin belt at high waist.
8) Tucking the top will help you look taller.

For big bust:

1) Never wear anything on the top which has frills etc on the front side, it will make your bust look ever bigger.
2) Don’t wear high necks.
3) V-necks goes very well with big busts.
3) You can layer your tops with jackets etc.
4) Wear darker tops, and lighter lower. It will make your body look more even.

For big hips:

1) Don’t wear tight jeans or anything tight on the hips which accentuate your hips more.
2) Don’t wear pants that narrows down across the ankle. Wear straight pants, no skinny please.
3) Don’t wear a top which ends just above your hip, instead wear a top which covers half of your hips.
4) Try wear light coloured tops and dark coloured lower.
5) You can wear a cardigan or bolero which covers your hip.

For big belly:

1) Don’t wear a dress which is bulky around the belly so that it look ever bigger!
2) Layers works well for big bellies too.
3) Never wear a belt at the middle of the tummy, it will accentuate the belly.
4) You can wear a dress which has band waist above your natural waist, below your ribs.
5) Don’t tuck your tops ever.
6) Don’t wear skin-fitted tops or else you layer it.
7)) Wear your lower just at the naval, not above or below.

Enjoy dressing! 🙂

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