Face pack for glowing skin

We all wish to have a clear and glowing skin. A beautiful skin instantly gives us confidence. This face mask, which I would be mentioning soon, would give you a glowing skin when used regularly. Use this mask twice a week.


Stuffs we need to make the pack:

A clean bowl

Red lentil (Masoor dal)






Muslin Cloth


Take about a spoonful of properly washed masoor dal in a bowl and then add in 2 almonds in it.

Soak this masoor-almond in milk for atleast 2 hours.



Grind it to make a paste.

How to use it:

Wash you face nicely.

Now apply this mask all over the facing avoiding the eye areas. Also apply it over your neck.

Let it dry.

a) Wash it as it is and then apply moisturizer OR follow the below method.

b) Take a cotton ball dipped in milk, dab it over the pack to moisten and loosen the pack a bit. You can also use water.

Using light hand and circular motion remove the pack. Remove the rest/remaining pack with the use of a wet muslin cloth. Please don’t be harsh on your skin, be gentle.

Wash you face with water. Pat it dry and then apply little rose water followed by a good moisturizer.

Enjoy your new glow! 🙂


P.S: Some sensitive skins can break out with rubbing and all, so better use method (a) if you have sensitive skin.

Some skins get dry with milk, so I’d suggest those to use water to remove the pack and not milk.



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