Hair mask for dry and frizzy hair.


Dry and frizzy hair is very tough to manage. And sometimes it looks so untidy too. If you are also having dry-frizzy hair do try this mask.
You just need to mix curd and fenugreek seed powder. You can also make fenugreek paste by soaking it overnight in water and then blending it in the morning. I buy fenugreek powder from an indian store as generally we can’t make that fine powder at home. The amount obviously depends upon your hair length and volume.

-> Take the curd and fenugreek seed powder in the ratio 2:1.
-> Mix them well.
-> Take small sections of hair and apply over it generously.
-> Keep it for about 30-45 minutes.
-> Rinse it off (no shampoo).
-> Let it dry on its own.
-> Now warm up olive oil (you can microwave it for 20 seconds).
-> Apply on your hair roots spreading towards the hair length.
-> Now take hot towel (atleast twice).
-> Keep the oil on for about 2 hours and then shampoo your hair.

You would see the instant difference in the frizziness of your hair 🙂

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