Happy Karwa Chauth!! :)

By: Unnati Gupta

Karwa Chauth is not only a festival but it is also a symbol of love and respect among couples. On this day, married women keep fast for the wellness and long life of their husbands. All the women observing this fast get ready and gather at a place for the puja in the evening. They wait for the moon to rise and offer it “the Arka” (Water). Thereafter, they accept water and food from their husbands’ hands and some also receive gifts. 🙂



Modern trend is that some husbands also keep fast for their wives. This year even Chetan Bhagat and other celebrities has taken pledge to fast for their wives on Karwa Chauth. #FastForHer.


Even it is not uncommon these day for girlfriends and boyfriends to observe fast for each other to show their true love. I still remember how my hostel mates used to keep this fast and their boyfriends would come with gifts to see them.
Bollywood  has also contributed a lot to make this festival popular all over the world. Even our watchman (other nationality) knows about this festival (Source: Bollywood Movies) maybe the famous DDLJ Karwa Chauth scene is the trendsetter.

Who can forget this scene? Aww..cute :)

Who can forget this scene? Aww..cute 🙂


By the way, our media also fully pay attention to this festival and treat it like a national festival. So many reporters standing at various locations keep updating the viewers about every single detail of moon rise. “Chaand kab niklega, kidhar chaand dikh gaya….kidhar nahin dikha….etc”.






So all the couples get ready for the festival and fall in love again with your partners. Happy Karwa Chauth! 🙂


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