Silver eye makeup for beginners!


This easy silver eye makeup can be worn either during day or night. It gives a glow to the eyes and looks fresh and soothing.

Lets see how to achieve this look. (I don’t know why some of the pics are not clear, maybe I need to change some settings.)


* Groom your eyebrow.
* Apply white or two shades lighter than your skin colour eye shadow below the highest arc of your eyebrow to highlight it. Blend it well.
* Now apply primer to your eyes and blend.
* Take a purplish-pinkish colour and apply it on the crease.
* Blend till there is no sharp visible line.



* Take silver eye shadow on a flat brush and apply it on the lid.
* Now take brown eye shadow and apply it on the outer edge.


* Now take black eye shadow and apply V shape on the outer edge.

* Blend it well.

* Apply black eye shadow on 3/4th of the lower lash line too.

* Blend it inwards towards tear duct.


* Take silver eye shadow and apply on the lower lash line.

* With the help of a q-tip, remove the excess eye shadow (if any).

* Now apply concealer and blend .




* Apply very thin eye liner and then apply the mascara.

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