Baked vegetable!


I had this baked veg.during my stay in Goa. I simply loved it, so decided to try it when I’d be back home. Tried and loved it again. Here goes the recipe:-


* Mixed veg. of your choice (parboiled in salted water or sautéed or parboiled and then sautéed) – 2 cups
* White sauce – 3-4 cups (Find: How to make white sauce)
* Milk – 1/2-1 cup
* Black pepper – 1 tsp
* Salt – to taste
* Dry oregano – to garnish
* Mozzarella cheese – 1/2-1 cup


* Add milk and little salt to the white sauce and mix well.
* Now in a baking pan/tray, start layering veg. and white sauce one-by-one with white sauce on the top. Sprinkle little bit of black pepper with every white sauce layer.
* On the top of it sprinkle the grated mozzarella cheese and dry oregano.
* Pre-heat oven to 150 degree C.
* Bake it for 10-15 minutes (till you see a light brown crust).

Serve hot 🙂

P.S: * You can also add pasta in the mixed veg. and it will be baked pasta 😉
* Bear in mind that cheese is salty, so add salt accordingly!

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