Because “SHE’S” worth it!


Many a time we feel so low. We don’t know what is the reason behind this, we just feel frustrated and irritated. Sometimes we don’t get what we want or our life is not going the way we want it to. At that time, there is a high chance that we will take out all your frustrations on the weaker sections (maybe weaker in power or post or age etc.) or on that person who loves us unconditionally, i.e., it doesn’t make much difference to them whether we love them or not, whether we talk to them properly or not; they will continue loving us the way they used to, ever and always. And I think one of those people is “MOTHER”.

The whole world can go against us but the person who will be with us without slightest change in her attitude even at our odd times is no one else than our mothers. Their unadulterated love can’t replace anybody else’s in the whole world. They are the ones who compromise with all her happiness so that we can grow up well and try to do the maximum they can so that we can stand properly on our feet, get name and fame . It’s rightly said “har ma ko apne bachhe achhe sur sache lagte hai”. Yeah, it’s true to an extent. I have seen many cases where the mother spend her whole life for her child , compromises with everything so that her child gets a better future, but when he grows up, stand on his feet, get name and fame he just forgets who brought him to his present situation? Who had compromised of not having one more cloth for his extra book?
Who walked 3 km on foot to save 10 rupees so that she can buy biscuit for him and who just forget all her pains and sufferings she is going through by just having one glance at his success? Who else it can be but your mother. Your lover, your kins, your siblings, your friends? Naaa..At one time or the other, they have some complains with you, but a mother is a mother .

This post of mine is dedicated to all the mothers who have compromised with their daily lives to give their children a better future. And my mom is also one of them. I just can’t return even a fraction of what she has given to me. Even a million dollars will not equate to her in-depth and true love. But before winding up this post, I want to convey this story to all the readers. I heard this one on radio fm and it really touched me till the bottom of my heart. Although it was an audio and a script can’t match the emotions, but I just can’t resist myself from sharing it with you all.

It goes like this-

A son tells his old mother “maa main itni der se bell baja raha hu aur aapko sunai nahi deta”.
Beta-“main itni der se bell baja raha hu aur aapko sunai nahi de raha tha”
Maa (smiles innocently)-“haan sunai hi nahi diya”
Beta (irritated)-“aapko to ek baar me kuch samajh me hi nahi aata”
Ma (murmurs)-“tumhe bhi kisi waqt nahi aata tha bete, farak bas itna hai ki main tujhe apna samajh kar samjhati thi aur tu bojhh samajh kar batata hai..”

Ma smiles and went into her past.
Beta-“ma ye kya hai?’’
Ma-“ye indra dhanush hain”
Beta-“kaun sa dhanush ?”
Ma (smiles)- “indra dhanush..bolo indra aur dhanush..”
Beta- “achha indra dhanush ..thik kaha na”
Ma (smiles)- “haan”

The theme of the story is-
When you don’t understand anything SHE doesn’t mind repeating it as many times you ask her to, but you just don’t bother to answer her questions when you don’t need her any more. How can you forget all the things she has done for you? Love your mother and respect her always because SHE really worth every bit of it!

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