Health benefits of fox nut (makhana) & makhana kheer recipe

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Gorgon nut or makhana is an aquatic weed which grows in shallow water bodies.


Although it is also cultivated in China and Japan, but India is it largest producer. 90% of the global makhana productions comes from north-east bihar. I remember how during our childhood days, we kids used to eat large stacks of makhana.
It is a great munching option.

It has so many health benefits and medical properties.

• It is low in saturated fats, sodium and cholesterol and is high in magnesium potassium and phosphorus. So it is very useful for people with high blood pressure.

• It contains flavonoid which is anti-oxidant, thus it is an anti-aging food too.

• It is high in fiber, thus helps to deal with constipation.

• It is helpful in treatment of arthritis and rheumatic pains.

• It also helps in treating insomnia and irritability. It also helps increasing appetite.

• It helps strengthen heart and kidney.

• It also helps in the problem of frequent urination.

• It is a good food for diabetic too.

• It acts as an aphrodisiac thus increases quality and quantity of semen, prevents premature ejaculation, increases libido and helps in female infertility.

• Makhana increases stickiness of secretions by increasing moisture level in body. Hence it increases quality and quantity of semen and useful in impotence. It helps to increase the fertility in women and reduces vata and pitta. It strengthens the body and reduces burning sensation and quenches thirst.

So it would be really stupid to not include this pious and heavenly food in our diet. It can be eaten raw (just roast it with little ghee and add salt & pepper) or can be made into various preparations.

You can also make kheer of makhana and can even relish it during fasting days. At my parents place, my mom makes it with roasted crushed makhana (roast the makhana and then crush it to make its powder, NOT fine); but at my in-laws place, my MIL makes it with roasted makhana (no powder or crushing). I like my mom’s way better because you get a better consistency and taste 🙂

Recipe of Makhana Kheer

Ingredients for Makhana Kheer:

Makhana- 1 cup (roasted in ghee, crushed roughly)

Milk- 1½ cups

Sugar- 1 tbsp (or according to your liking)

Green Cardamom- 4 pcs.( slit into halves)

Coconut powder/raisin (optional)- 1-2 tsp

Method for the preparation of Makhana Kheer:


• Boil milk (with the cardomom pcs)

• Add the crushed makhana.

• Stir and bring it to the consistency you want (bear in mind that it will get thicker after cooling down).

• Switch off the stove and add sugar. Mix well.

• Now add coconut powder or raisin or whichever dry fruits you like in any kheer.

Serve it either hot or cold!!

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