How to make your baby drink cow’s milk?!





When a baby turns one, doctors give green signal for starting cow’s milk but by the time babies are mostly used to the taste of formula milk (or breast milk). If they are still on breast milk, feeding them with bottles can be easy or tough varying from baby to baby. Since my son was both breast-fed and bottle-fed in his 1st year, there was no problem with bottles. But the problem was with cow’s milk, he disliked it totally!!
When we were visiting pediatrician for his cold and cough, I asked the doc “he is not liking cow’s milk, what to do?” Both the doc. and my hubby stared at me as if I’ve asked a very wrong question, but I was kind of okay (who would I ask if not a doctor). But unfortunately, he didn’t come up with any solution to this problem! :(

I shared the same problem with my SIL and yo! she had a trick (moms have solutions for everything unlike the docs 😛 ) . When her son was a baby and was not drinking cow’s milk, she used to add the regular milk which he was drinking previously with the cow’s milk. Suppose he was having formula previously, so she would take 180 ml of formula and add 30 ml of cow’s milk and gradually increase the quantity of cow’s milk and decrease that of formula milk to get the fixed quantity of milk. This trick really works! Though my son is a milk lover, and he got fond of cow’s milk in just few attempts, you can try this trick on your baby if he/she is not very comfortable with cow’s milk.
Hope it helps!


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