How to set aside sugar craving?!

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You have committed to lose weight but struggling to decrease the sugar intake and craving for sweet food every now and then? What to do now? How to stop the craving? How to decrease the daily sugar intake? Don’t worry! I will help you as I have experienced the same and came out of it successfully.

If you are not so much into sweet food, and suddenly finding yourself craving for it, then it can be due to some health reasons like low thyroid, low magnesium etc. Deficiency of vitamin B can also be the cause of it; you can take its supplement with the consult of your doctor.

If everything is normal and then you have the urge to have sweet food, you can deal with it. Here are two effective tricks which may help!


According to experts, craving lasts for 10 minutes. So if you are craving to have your sweets, just delay it for 10 minutes; engage in some work or say to yourself that “I will have it once I will complete this work”. If 10 minutes is sounding so much for you, start with 2 minutes and keep on delaying till the urge vanishes.


If keep on delaying didn’t work for you, take a small portion of the sweet and eat it really slow, the slowest you can. Eating slowly will make you satisfied faster and with less quantity of it.

If you want to join “no-sugar”coffee and tea band, you can start with little step. Suppose you take 1 tsp of sugar in your tea or coffee, you can decrease it to 3/4 tsp for 1-2 day and similarly keep on decreasing till you reach the no sugar zone.
The benefit of having tea and coffee without sugar is that you can use it in your favorite dessert. For example, if you drink 2 cups of tea/coffee per day with 1 tsp sugar/serving, that is, 2 tsp of sugar/day you can totally eliminate it and can use it in eating your favorite dessert (if you have strong urge and you can’t help yourself but eat).

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