Why you should avoid antibiotics?

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I remember, back in 2007, I had a detail discussion with one of my colleagues about how people use antibiotic the wrong way. Her brother-in-law had studied medicine and she shared what she learnt from him. Since that time, I make sure not to use antibiotic until necessary and never ever stop using them inbetween without finishing the course prescribed by the doc. Here is what I learnt (will try explaining it in a layman language):-

Antibiotic as the name suggests is “against-life”, means they are against the life of bacteria. These are the medication used against bacteria, to kill them or to stop them from reproducing, thus healing the patient’s body.
We can use it in several forms as a capsule or a pill, can be applied as a cream or lotion, can be used as an injection etc.

Two BIG mistakes done by people in common regarding antibiotics are:

1) They tend to use the antibiotics prescribed to other patient without consulting their doc. Please NEVER do that.
2) They stop taking antibiotics without completing the course and they will say “I am feeling better now, I don’t need any more medicine”..ah!really? Please NEVER ever do that too!

But why not to do that?

Antibiotics can be your best friend and can also be your worst enemy!
Have you watched that movie “Love” starring Salman Khan and Revathi? She has the habit of popping up pills every now and then and when at last her situation gets serious none of the medicines responds to her body. And that is what antibiotic can do to us-“Antibiotic Resistance”.

Antibiotic Resistance is a condition when the bacteria stop responding to treatment with few types of antibiotics. When you stop taking the antibiotic without completing the course prescribed by the doc. all the bacteria are not killed. They still remain in the body, mutate and grow. Antibiotics even destroy many harmless bacteria that live in our body and start replacing them with the resistance bacteria. And soon you fell sick again and this time it takes you longer to get well.

antibiotics 2

Never ever use antibiotic unless really required. But the strange thing is, doctors these days prescribe antibiotic for anything and everything. Either they are so lazy or they don’t want the patients to come back again because the patients are also impatient(:P) these days. They don’t want to visit the doc. again and want a fast remedy to cure their illness. The weirdest thing is that they even want an antibiotic for curing cold and docs too happily prescribe it. And here comes the funniest part-antibiotic is used for killing bacteria but cold is caused by virus!!

antibiotic 2

So beware of antibiotics! And do use garlic daily in your food as it has great anti-bacterial properties

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