How to make white sauce?!


White sauce is a versatile sauce and can be used in pasta recipes, making creamy soups etc.
The three main ingredients of white sauce are:
All-purpose flour, butter and milk. And the proportion is very easy to remember- all “one”(1 tbsp butter, 1 tbsp flour and 1 cup milk), which would make about 3/4 cup of white sauce.

Ok. Now let’s learn the method:

-> Take butter in a pan and when it melts add all-purpose flour (keep the flame low).
-> Keep stirring as we don’t want the flour to burn but just to turn very light brown.
-> Now add milk in it. Try to use cold milk as it will help in prevention of lumps. You can also take the pan off the stove while adding the milk. And once you’ve added the milk and have mixed it well, you can put the pan back on the stove.
-> Now keep stirring continuously, we want it smooth and non-lumpy.
-> After one boil, turn off the stove. Add salt and a pinch of black pepper.

White sauce is ready to be used for different preparations 🙂

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