How to make the perfect cup of “cappuccino” at home (without any fancy tools)!


We spend a bomb on buying cappuccino from outside. Won’t it be good if we learn how to make a perfect cup of cappuccino at home only? How? Here it goes:-



* Coffee powder – 1 tsp
* Sugar – 2 tsp (for moderate sweetness) or to taste
* Water – 1/2-1 tsp
* Milk – 1 cup
* Bottle – any small bottle (in the pic shown, I’ve used an old mouth-freshener bottle)


* In the bottle take sugar, coffee and water.
* Put its lid and shake. You need to shake the bottle till the mixture turns light brown and frothy.
* In the meanwhile, boil a cup of milk.
* Now comes the arranging/layering time. In a cup take 1-2 tbsp of milk and add a little bit of the mixture. Stir once, just ONCE.
* Now add another layer of milk and then a little bit of mixture and stir.
* Repeat the process once more. For the cup size shown in the pic, there must be 3 layers of milk and the mixture with the milk at the bottom and the mixture at the top.

Now it is all done! Enjoy the perfect cup of cappuccino and offer it to others too 🙂

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