Cheesy Wrap



(Before you freak out looking at the pic–like my hubby–that why on earth I’ve kept the wrap on the floor, let me clear that it is on a glass baking dish, thus transparent 😉 )

Ok, so moving on. I don’t know why, but I don’t like to eat the regular roti-sabzi dinner during weekends. Most of the times, we have it outside, and the remaining ones need to be different. This cheesy wrap was one those weekend dinners.


Ingredients (For making two wraps):

* Wheat flour – 1/2 bowl

* Whole whear flour – 1/2 bowl

* Mixed bell pepper (sliced) – 1/2-1 bowl

* Onion – 1 medium (cut into pieces)

* Tomato – 1 small (cut into pieces)

* Garlic – 1 tsp (grated/paste)

* Black pepper powder – 1 pinch

* Mixed italian herbs – 1/4 tsp

* Salt – to taste

* Oil – 1 tbsp

* Chilli flakes – to taste

* Cheese slice  (I am taking Amul one) – 1 pc

* Mozzarella cheese (grated)  – 1/2 bowl




* Take wheat flour, whole wheat flour, little salt and oil in a bowl and make dough of it with water. Keep it aside to rest.

* Now take oil in a wok/kadhai and add in sliced bell pepper. Saute for 1 minute and then take it out.

* In the same wok/kadhai, take oil again. When the oil heats up, add garlic and after 1 minute, add onion.


* When it turns translucent, add tomato.

* Add little salt and black pepper powder.

* Cook till tomato turns mushy.

* Turn off the stove. Add mixed herbs and chilli flakes. Mix.

* In the meanwhile, preheat oven to 180 degree C.

* Make chapati of the dough the way we make regular chapati (it is little under-cooked in the pic)

* Tear apart cheese slice into two halves. Put one on each chapati.

* Now take the onion-tomato mix, followed by sauteed bell pepper and mozzarella cheese.



* Roll them and oil with the help of a brush or with hand.  Also oil the baking dish.

* Now take them on a baking tray/dish. Bake for 15-20 minutes (keep checking inbetween).

Serve hot 🙂

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