Creamy Cold Coffee



I know this is not the best season to post something cold, but people like me don’t give a damn about the climate when it comes to their favorite food. So..lets go ahead with the recipe;)


* Full fat milk – 1 glass
* Ice Cubes – few pieces
* Coffee Powder – 1-2 tsp (or as per liking)
* Sugar – 1 tbsp (or as per liking)
* Chocolate Sauce/Syrup – to garnish (optional)
* Whipped Cream – to garnish (optional)


* Take milk, coffee powder, ice cubes and sugar in a blender and blend.


* Take little water and mix coffee and sugar to it. Beat till the colour changes to light brown. Now in a blender, take milk, the mixture and ice, and blend till frothy.


* Garnish with cream, choc. syrup and serve chilled.

And then touch everyone’s cheek with your cold hand like I!

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