Ragi Laddoo

Diabetic runs in my husband’s family. Every other person in his family has high sugar issue. Hubby too has borderline sugar but the cholesterol is on the higher side for which he was taking medicines for the last 2 years. But he was not happy with the side effects of the cholesterol medicine. Last month one of his friends suggested him to follow the Neal Barnard’s way of eating and checking how it really helps in sugar and cholesterol issues. So he thought of giving it a try and just after a month of following the methods, his cholesterol is in range now..WITHOUT any medicines.

Below is one of the recipes he tried during the pilot run of the “New Eating Way” project we took 😛 😉

His sweet tooth needed to be tamed..so this laddoo came as a rescue 😉

This laddoo :-

Has no added sugar.

Has no oil.

Is 100% vegan.

Takes hardly 10 minutes to make.

Very healthy.


So let’s have a look on how to make it.




  • Popped Ragi Powder – 1 cup
  • Unsweetened Almond Milk – as required
  • Crushed/chopped dry fruits (of your choice) – as per liking ( here he took almost 2 tbsp)
  • Date Syrup – 3 tbsp (Before you freak out date syrup has low GI than refined sugar, so can be taken once in a while)
  • Grated Coconut (he took the dry one) – 1 cup



  • In a big bowl take ragi powder and add crushed dry fruits and date syrup.
  • Mix then well with the help of your fingers and palm.
  • Now start adding and mixing the almond milk slowly to the bowl to get the right consistency for making laddoos.
  • Make small balls/laddoos.
  • Now take grated coconut in a plate and roll the ladoos over it one by one.

All done..how much time did it take for you?

It just took 10 minutes for us 🙂

Enjoy! 😀 😀 #HealthyEating #HappyLiving


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