Spinach-mushroom cheese omelette! (taste bhi health bhi :P)


This is a super yummy yet tasty breakfast option. Love it to the core! 😉


* Egg-2 nos.
* Spinach-1 bundle (roots trimmed)
* Mushroom-1 tbsp (finely chopped)
* Onion- 1/2 tbsp. (finely chopped)
* Cheese-1 tbsp (shredded)
* Black pepper powder-1/4 tsp
* Milk-1 tbsp
* Olive oil or butter-1-2 tsp
* Green chilli/red chilli powder-according to your liking.
* Salt-to taste (while adding salt, please bear in mind that cheese will also be salty, so add salt accordingly).


-> Trim the roots and clean spinach properly. Now take a pan and lay the spinach in it. Put the pan on slow flame.
-> After 1-2 minutes you would see the spinach getting soft (and dark green too).
-> Take them out, squeeze out excess water (else the omelette will not bind properly, you can also use that water in curry and all because it is healthy). Chop the spinach finely.
-> In a bowl take eggs and beat them till frothy.
– > Now add salt, milk, chopped green chilli, onion, mushroom and spinach. Mix them well.
-> Now heat up oil in a frying pan and put the mixture in it.
-> When the omelette is cooked at the edges, flip it.
-> Now add cheese to the half of the omelette and fold it along the cheese side.
-> Flip it again and cook it well.
-> Turn off the stove and serve it with toast or whatever you’d like it with.

I like mine with toast and tomato-chilli sauce 🙂

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