Strawberry Shake


Summer means something chilled to drink. I am very sensitive to consuming anything cold but since ice-cream (slurp πŸ˜› ) is my favorite, I do consume it even though I get cold and cough after that πŸ˜‰ But the main problem started when I got a son who is also very fond of ice-creams and is super sensitive to cold πŸ™ So I had to leave my favorite ice-creams *poor me*.

But we can have some cold drinks rarely. This is one of those refreshing drinks; I simply love to have it during summer. It is healthy too as it has milk and anti-oxidant rich, strawberries in it. I used to have it almost daily as an evening drink during my pregnancy days as I wanted to cut down on tea so I adapted this drink. πŸ™‚


Milk-250 ml
Strawberry-4-5 nos.
Ice-cream (vanilla or the flavour you like)-2 tbsp (optional)
Ice cubes-4-5 nos.
Sugar-2 tbsp (or as per your liking)


-> Blend milk, strawberries (chopped), sugar and crushed ice cubes in a smoothie or blender.
-> Add ice-cream and run smoothie just once.

Now relish this tasty, quick and easy-to-make drink. Hmm..yummy πŸ˜›

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