Veg. Lasagna


If you have been following this blog for quite sometime now, you must be aware how much I love pastas 😉 So this is another addition to it–“Veg Lasagna”. Traditionally, you use 3-4 layers of lasagna sheets but since only we two were there to eat and my baking dish is big, so I just made two layers (else 3-4 layers would have been so much for us to finish off). Here I am using pizza sauce; if you don’t have it, you can also make tomato garlic sauce or can totally eliminate it. Or if you like pizza sauce, you can add more of it. So I just want to say, it can be tailor-made according to your choice.
Lets move on to the recipe…


* Lasagna sheets – 6 pcs.
* Tomato garlic sauce or pizza sauce – 2-4 tbsp
* Onion – 1 small (chopped)
* Vegetable of your choice (I have taken broccoli, mushrooms, green beans, carrot) – 1 1/2 cups (cut into small pieces)
* Olive oil – 1-2 tbsp
* Garlic (chopped) – 1 tsp
* White sauce – 1 cup
* Black pepper powder – 1/2 tsp
* Salt – to taste
* Milk – 1/2-1 cup
* Mozzarella cheese – 1/2 cup (or as per liking)
* Oregano – for garnishing (optional)


* Boil lasagna sheets in salted water till 90% done.
* Heat up milk in a pan and add white sauce in it. Mix well and cook for 2 minutes. Turn off the stove and add salt and little black pepper in it. Keep aside. (Note: Add as much milk as required to make the sauce little thin because it would go into the oven. If we will not add milk in it, then the texture of the whole lasagna will be little on the harder side after coming out of the oven.)
* In a pan heat up olive oil and add chopped garlic in it. After 1 minute, add chopped onion. Cook till translucent.
* Now add the small cut vegetables of your choice in sequence of their cooking time. Add little salt. Cook for sometime but do not turn them all soft as they will be cooked in the oven too.
* Now comes the layering time. In the meantime preheat oven to 170 degree.
* In the baking dish take little pizza sauce and spread evenly. This will prevent sticking of lasagna sheets on the base.
* Layer lasagna sheet over it. Now spread the sauteed vegetables over it. Now add a layer of pizza sauce.
* It’s time to add another layer of lasagna sheets. Now over the lasagna sheets pour in all the white sauce and sprinkle the mozzarella cheese. (Note: For more layers, keep layering with vegetables and sauce and over the topmost layer pour in the white sauce and sprinkle the mozzarella cheese.)
* Bake for 25-30 minutes or until its golden brown.
* Garnish with black pepper & oregano and serve hot 🙂

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